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Wein, wein, weine nicht my darling.

The Schödl family built their farm at the end of World War II and used it as a mixed agriculture and wine operation. It was not until the 1980’s that Hubert Schödl, a winemaking professor, transformed the farm fully into a vineyard. In 2012, the three Schödl siblings took over the winemaking operation from their father, Hubert Schödl, and began transforming the vineyard, emphasizing organic practices and sustainable wine production.

It is clear the Schödl siblings are passionate about their production methods, and they aim to mix tradition with technology. In order to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible, they have traveled extensively to other vineyards outside of Austria - always to wineries fully committed to chemical-free farming. Biodiversity is important in their vineyards too, where many herbs and grasses grow in order for beneficial insects to thrive, and only natural compost is used to fertilize. They even have sheep to help with that.

Mathias Schödl even has a scientific degree by writing about the influence of plant species on the wellbeing of the vineyard when grown in the rows between vines.

Winemaking: ‘There is not much to say as we try to avoid any unnecessary intervention in the winemaking process. The natural flavour and taste of our hand-picked grapes is what we believe in. In our opinion, less intervention in natural processes gives rise to characterful individual wines that are not trimmed to "one" taste’.


Schödl Safari White 2022
Safari White 2022
Playful blend of GV, Welschriesling, Muscat and Weissburgunder. Delicately aromatic and suitably fleshy. Citrus, orange peel, jasmine and soft bitters. Lovely juice!
Schödl Pet Naturel
Pet Naturel