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Wijnhuis.Amsterdam is an importer of wines from German-speaking regions and runs its own wine store at Koninginnewg 255H in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. We distribute our wines to private customers, gastronomy and colleague wine merchants.

Although we have been tasting and selecting wines for more than 25 years, our adventure in Amsterdam is one with a recent history. We made our first wine trips to Germany back in the days when you paid in Deutschmarks. We transported the first cases of white wine from Germany for Wijnhuis.Amsterdam to the Netherlands in 2016. After innumerable tasting sessions, we were so excited about the German wines that we were more than happy to transport them to the Netherlands. Our shop opening was in May 2018. Back then, with 3 of our own imports from Germany. Now we represent 20 winemakers from Germany, 3 from Austria and one from Luxembourg.

We are importers for the love of German wine. Our preference is: elegance, drinkability, low alcohol levels and as little intervention as possible in the process that starts in the vineyard. We are not a natural wine shop (whatever natural wine means...) but sell wines that move us. Including wines without added sulphites, but also wines with limited added sulphites. The main thing is that a wine may - or must - have its own character, but does not bring wrong tones (think 'mouse', too much volatility) to our winery.

Tasting table
Our Amsterdam tasting table is the eye-catcher in our shop. This is where we taste together with private aficionados, hospitality entrepreneurs, sommeliers and colleague wine merchants. There is always something new on the tasting table.

Ein Prosit auf Gesundheit und Liebe.
Ivar, Jacco, David & team.

Koninginneweg 255 hs
1075 CV Amsterdam

Store +31207220072
Ivar - mobile & office +31653325401
Jacco - mobile +31650653622
David - mobile +31644205273
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