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Brothers Gabriel and Simon Scheuermann have been making wines since 2009 at the family business, which cultivates around 30 hectares of vines and has been biodynamically certified since 2012. Selling most of their grapes to friendly organic wineries, only grapes from their best plots are selected for their own natural wines – with a heavy focus on Chardonnay, Weissburgunder, Spätburgunder and Riesling. The motto here is not only to protect and preserve the soil, which they consider their most valuable capital, but also to revitalize, regenerate and develop it. They work holistically to keep their vineyards in balance and to give their vines a healthy, diverse environment - if you grab a large piece of their living vineyard soil, you’ll have more organisms in your hands than there are people on earth.

Scheuermann Chardonnay Rosengarten 2020
Chardonnay Rosengarten 2020