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Weingut Reinhardt, situated in the charming village of Ruppertsberg, is a renowned winery in the Pfalz region of Germany. This family-owned estate has garnered acclaim for its exceptional wines, particularly its Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and outstanding Sekt, with Lukas, a young and talented winemaker, at the helm.

Lukas is widely recognized as one of the brightest talents in the Pfalz wine scene. His innovative approach to winemaking, coupled with a deep respect for tradition, has elevated Weingut Reinhardt to new heights. Under his guidance, the winery has gained a reputation for producing top-quality wines that capture the essence of the region.

Details of the winery: natural, organic viticulture and wine production, focus on Riesling, Burgunder & sparkling wine, opening of a new winery (WEINWERK) in 2021 in Ruppertsberg with panoramic views on the surrounding vineyards and the Palatinate Forest.

The Weissburgunder from Weingut Reinhardt is a true standout. This white wine delights with its crisp aromas of citrus, peach, and green apple, complemented by a refined minerality and lively acidity. It showcases Lukas's skill in crafting wines that are both elegant and expressive, making it a favorite among wine enthusiasts.

Equally impressive is the Sekt produced at Weingut Reinhardt. Made using the traditional method, this sparkling wine undergoes meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a product of exceptional quality. With its fine bubbles, delicate flavors, and lingering finish, the Sekt exemplifies the dedication to excellence that defines the winery.

In addition to its stellar wines, Weingut Reinhardt is housed in a modern building that reflects the estate's commitment to innovation. The state-of-the-art facilities provide Lukas and his team with the tools they need to produce wines of unparalleled quality while staying true to the region's rich winemaking heritage.

Overall, Weingut Reinhardt stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of its winemakers. With Lukas leading the way, the winery continues to impress with its exceptional Weissburgunder, outstanding Sekt, and unwavering commitment to excellence. It is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience the best that the Pfalz region has to offer in terms of wine.

Reinhardt Mundwerk Cuvée Rot
Mundwerk Cuvée Rot
Cuvée of cabernet sauvignon and sankt-laurent. 18 months of barrel aging and three vintages! Complex and refined juicy wine with soft tannins. Einzigartig - delicious!