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You could call Südsteiermark the Jura of Austria: lots of natural working wineries and beautiful, rolling hills. It is home to the relatively new NeueHeimat winery, a project of two wine friends who met while skiing.

We tasted the wines for the first time in April and were immediately big fans. The wines are unique, terroir-driven and pure. An exceptional combination of extraction and finesse. Naturally made, but without jagged or frayed edges. The fruit expression is gorgeous, but never simple. A new experience and a combination of styles in a bottle: like Werlitsch or Muster with the fruit of Tement, to speak in Styrian terms.

Vineyard and winemaking
NeueHeimat works biodynamically and regeneratively in the vineyard. The vineyards are considered a biotope where vines live in symbiosis with other plants and animals. The process from grape to wine is one of omission: Less is more, so to speak. The harvest is done carefully by hand, the fermentations are spontaneous, intervention in vineyard and cellar only happens when strictly necessary and the use of sulfites is kept to an absolute minimum (<30 Mg/L).