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Julien Renard

Release of the 2022 vintage Sunday 3 and Monday 4th of March 2024 Bar Centraal.


When it comes to Riesling, julien Jean Renard plays Champions League. He’s quite the character: engaging, straight-shooting, rebellious – a maverick deeply committed to squeezing the best possible wine out of his grapes. Raised in northern Germany as the son of a French-German couple, he moved to Winningen, near Koblenz in the Terrassenmosel, to become a winemaker. He now runs a tiny garagiste operation, farming his 0.7 hectares of vines as organically as possible and keeping intervention in the cellar to a bare minimum. What his winery lacks in size, he makes up for in quality. Although he’s not a fan of the term, his ‘natural wines’ are top of the line.

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Julien Renard: 'We are a 1 ha winery in Winningen at the Terrassenmosel. 80% Riesling and 20% Müller-Thurgau. All our vineyards are very steep and most have terrasses, so we work everything by hand. No tractors, no horses. We don't use herbicides, soil is worked by hand. Most of the vineyards are treated organically when it comes to protection - sulphur, copper, tee. Our goal is to do all the treatments ourself in the future, that would mean organically.

All grapes are pressed in a small hydro-press or a basket-press. Whole cluster or crushed, it depends... rarely we work with skin-contact. For the Müller we don't work with sedimentation before the ferment, as for most of the Riesling we do. Spontaneous fermentation, no battonage. 2018 we had some parts in stainless steel as well as used barrels, 2019 will be 95% in barrels. We do not filter our wines, Sulphur if needed before bottling . E. G. 2018 Riesling is without Sulphur. Minimum élevage 10-12 months for the "entry" level, better cuvées stay minimum 17 months.

Julien Renard Riesling Blonde 2021
Julien Renard
Riesling Blonde 2021
Julien Renard's Riesling Blonde is not a Riesling, as you might expect from the name, but a so-called grape ale or beer-wine hybrid.