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Alex Saltaren

In the well-known town of Oestrich-Winkel, located in the heart of the Rheingau, you will find the modest but promising domain Weingut Alex Saltaren. This small wine estate is a hidden gem that has quickly gained cult status among German wine lovers. Its founder and owner, Alex Saltaren, has a special story that is as fascinating as the wines he makes.

Alex Saltaren was born in Colombia, a country famous for its coffee and rum, but certainly not for its wine. Yet from an early age, Alex felt a deep passion for viticulture and oenology. His curiosity and determination brought him to Europe, where he wanted to further develop his knowledge and skills. After wandering through various wine regions, he finally found his niche in Germany, in the iconic wine region of Rheingau.

Alex is cellar master at Peter Jakob Kühn's renowned wine estate. Here he learned the intricacies of biodynamic viticulture and making natural wines, techniques he would later refine and apply in his own vineyard. Working at Kühn gave him not only the necessary experience, but also the inspiration to follow his own vision: to produce wines that maximise the purity of nature and terroir.

With the founding of Weingut Alex Saltaren, Alex began to realise his dream. His winery, although small, is a model of sustainable and natural viticulture. Alex does not use chemical pesticides or artificial fertilisers, relying instead on old, traditional methods to keep the soil healthy and the grapes growing strong and vital. He believes the best wines come from harmonious collaboration with nature.

Weingut Alex Saltaren's wines are bottled in Bourgogne bottles, a conscious choice that reflects his appreciate for elegance and tradition. The wines have exceptional depth and complexity. Alex's wines are characterised by clean flavours, fine aromas and a mineral freshness that is different from most wines from the Rheingau region.

Despite its short lifespan, Weingut Alex Saltaren has already built an impressive reputation. Alex is considered one of the greatest talents in the German wine world, and his wines are praised for their unique character and quality.


Alex Saltaren Labeja Rheingauer Landwein 2021
Alex Saltaren
Labeja Rheingauer Landwein 2021
Alex Saltaren Edilia Rheingauer Landwein 2021
Alex Saltaren
Edilia Rheingauer Landwein 2021