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Beoordeel Pinot Noir Nahegauer Landwein 2019

Pinot Noir Nahegauer Landwein 2019

Extremely juicy pinot noir, with enough funk for the BoJo enthousiasts!

Once the grapes have been harvested by hand, partially destemmed, and carefully pressed, they rest on the skins for about 4 weeks, which induces light carbonic maceration. After this, they rest on old large barrels for a year. Once the wine has been removed from the barrels they go straight into the bottles. No filtration, no sulphites, no nothing. Just the juice.

And what juice it is! Subtle cherry fruit with a slight fizz from the carbonic maceration. Some grit and funk on the background and a light juniper berry make this pinot noir very, very drinkable. It is juicy with a subtle dosis of funk to keep things interesting. Everything is calm and present, waiting until you feel like it. Slightly chill it, open it, poor it, and enjoy it. Not so difficult, right?

Domain: PiRi Naturel
Producer: Christine Pieroth
Vintage: 2019
Category: Red
Vinification: Natural
Filtration: No
Sulphites: No
Maceration: Four weeks semi-carbonic maceration
Grape: Pinot Noir
Percentage: 12,5%
Location: Burg Layen, Nahe