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Beoordeel Chardonnay fermented in Amphora 2019

Chardonnay fermented in Amphora 2019

Chalky, creamy, soft bitters wrapped in caramel, ginger and orange peel.

A terrific chardonnay that all the ABC people should definitely try. The wine is expressive with a round and soft character, as you should expect from 100% chardonnay. In the nose you get a light caramel touch, some banana, ginger, cardamom and orange zest. In the mouth baked apple, a soft structure and beautiful bitters!

Again, unfiltered and raised on amphora's for a lush and exciting bottle! 

Winery: Rennersistas
Producer: Rennersistas
Vintage: 2019
Grape: Chardonnay
Category: Amphora raised amber wine
Vinification: Demeter
Filtration: No
Sulphites: No
Maceration: Yes
Percentage: 11,5%
Soil: Gipskeuper / Brown & Grey Marl
Location: Gols, Burgenland, Austria