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Beoordeel Gewürztraminer & Grauburgunder GEWÜRZ 2020

Gewürztraminer & Grauburgunder GEWÜRZ 2020

Clean and spicy blend of Gewürztraminer and Grauburgunder by the Rennersistas. No orange, no rosé, perhaps a new category?

Rennersistas Gewürz 2020 has not enough skin contact to be called orange, nor used red grapes to be called rosé. The wine enters the bottled unfiltered and without sulfites. The result is a clean and spicy character where both the gewürztraminer and grauburgunder shine. Some rose petals, pomegranate and waxy characters from the gewürz, some pine needle and spices from the grauburgunder. An unexpected but wonderful duo, that complement each other up in a delicate and synergetic way. 

Winery: Rennersistas
Producer: Rennersistas
Vintage: 2020
Grape: Gewürztraminer & Grauburgunder
Category: A bit of both
Vinification: Demeter
Filtration: No
Sulphites: No
Maceration: Yes, 6 days
Percentage: 12,5%
Soil: Gipskeuper / Brown & Grey Marl
Location: Gols, Burgenland, Austria